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5 Brands that understand Moms.

Moms love brands for myriad reasons, but first and foremost brands have to make great products. If the brand then creates the right experience around the product, they will having the beginnings of a great relationship with mom. What is entailed in creating a great brand experience? It can be anything from support of a cause, great tools, something that touches an emotional chord, great information to just being a brand that brings you just plain fun. Here are 5 of the brands I think show an understanding of what today’s mom wants and needs.

1. Huggies “Every little bottom”

92% of American moms want to buy a product that supports a cause (2010 Cone Cause Evolution research). Huggies “Every little bottom” campaign incorporates cause with something near and dear to every mother–diapers. Many moms facing the issue every day of having to choose between diapers and basic needs like food and shelter for their children. For every package of diapers sold, Huggies will diaper a baby somewhere in the U.S. or Canada. And they give moms various ways to get involved either through purchase or local diaper banks. They show photos of the diapers and give an accounting of the progress. Plus they arm moms with facts to reinforce the need.

And they know the importance of couponing and how moms like to share. So they created a coupon program rewards her if she chooses to share with 3 friends–the value of the coupon jumps from $1.50 to $3.00.

2. P&G’s “Thank You, Mom” campaign.

There is an instantaneous bond all moms feel with each other. A club we all join with the birth of a child, where we relate and empathize with each other. P&G tapped into the idea that every mother feels her child has potential and is special and to show their support of the Special Olympics moms, P&G encouraged moms to share their personal stories about how they support and encourage their children to become their best. For every “like”, P&G donated $1 to the Special Olympics till they reached the goal of reaching $250,000. Over 200 poignant videos reside on the Facebook page. What makes this work for moms? It touches an emotional chord and P&G made it so easy to get involved with just the click of a button.

3. Walmart
Moms do like to save: save on meals, save others, save on entertaining. And Walmart truly lives up to it’s every day savings message particularly for the 9 million + fans on it’s Facebook page. It’s no wonder moms rank Walmart as one of their favorite brands. The page hosts an eGift Social ecommerce tab where moms who like to save can purchase, right within Facebook, a Walmart branded gas card that saves them $.10 on every gallon. Walmart also features an EveryDay Hero who is saving children from hunger. And having a football game at your home? Well, there’s tips for throwing the party for under $50 hosted by Walmart mom blogger, Tara Kucsylowski of

4. “The Quaker ‘Afterschool Rocks’

The Quaker ‘Afterschool Rocks’ campaign partnered with the Afterschool Alliance to reach moms and their kids through the common bond of music. Why did moms relate to this? First, healthy eating is high on mom’s list of priorities when it comes to their children and the music theme gave moms a way to create conversation with their kids. Through a playlist of 250 + songs and opportunities to meet artists like Jordan Sparks and Miranda Cosgrove, this program helped parents bridge the conversation to topics about healthier lifestyles and the importance of staying active after school.

5. Pampers “Little Miracle Mission”

Pampers understands that moms like to do good for others.

All moms have witnessed a miracle – their child being born. Pampers Little Miracle Mission is about moms sharing their miraculous stories with the belief that every baby is a miracle that deserves to be celebrated. Moms and Dads are asked to complete simple missions to support a little miracle and a family across the country. Mission #1 was about making Mother’s Day special for another mom and her miracle, and for doing this they could win diapers and wipes for a year. Mission #2 involved special Father’s Day cookouts for dads and babies across the country as soon as Pampers got 4,000 commitments to complete the mission. Mission #3 involves helping people in natural disaster areas – for every “I support” on the Facebook app, Pampers will also donate diapers, wipes and $1 to Direct Relief International to help people living in natural disaster areas.

To see the other five brands I think understand moms, click here.



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