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A “recycled” article: 17 things I’ve learned from talking to moms.

I recently read one of Chris Brogan’s blog posts about recycling your own words. I thought this was a terrific suggestion and went to look back through all of the articles I’ve written. I highly recommend you take Chris up on his suggestion. First, if you’re like me, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve written. Second, you’ll find there is some content that is still valid even if it is a couple of years old. So dust some of your thinking off and add anything new and recycle the good stuff. Here’s my “recycled” lessons and a couple of new ones I learned from talking to moms

1. Don’t talk down to women.

2. Do use emotion in your messages. One of the reasons Mom-to-Mom conversations work is because we aren’t afraid to use show emotion.

3. Be human. Put the corporate hat aside and think, act, react as if human, not an entity.

4. Be personable. Moms like brands that have a personality.

5. Provide detail. Moms like information and to be educated about the products they are bringing into their homes.

6. Work hard to gain a Mom’s trust. She doesn’t have time in her busy life so the first place she is going to turn to is her friends. The trust is already there. A brand has to work twice as hard.

7. Be honest. Transparent. Moms and the rising Dad contingency will see right through your marketing messages if you aren’t honest.

8. Remember Moms are well equipped to adapt to the changing social media landscape. We do our homework.

9. Don’t pigeonhole women. “Women are a huge demographic. Multi-culture aspects are barely being addressed in most markets.

10. Allow for two-way dialogue. We like a brand that allows us to have a voice and in return, have one itself.

11. Be useful. Provide information, be entertaining, give moms tools we can actually use.

12. Moms often buy from companies that they feel a connection with and who treat them the best.

13. Don’t understand estimate intelligence of women.

14. Don’t make it a sell job.

15. Don’t be afraid to admit a mistake as a brand. Moms will love you for it.

16. Make sure your customer service is in order via 800#, email, Twitter and on Facebook. You never know which one a mom will choose.

17. Remember to use video. Moms like to watch video especially how to, testimonial and entertaining video.

And if you have any other suggestions for this list, I’d love to hear them.



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