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Do moms strive for perfection when making sandwiches?

So Sara Lee has launched a new campaign on Facebook targeting moms called “Life’s Not Perfect.” But apparently your meat can be if it’s Sara Lee Deli meat. They began by doing some research that showed women strive for perfection. And apparently that perfection includes our desire to make the perfect sandwich and meals for our families. Oh, the pressure we put ourselves under.

• Only 55% of American women would eat a meal they created for a special occasion if it didn’t come out the way they expected.

• 60% U.S. women who ever make deli sandwiches at home struggle with some aspect of making the perfect sandwich

• 35% have trouble coming up with more creative deli sandwiches

• 95% of U.S. women spend at least one hour preparing the perfect meal for their family

Who knew our need for perfection included sandwich making?

The Sara Lee Facebook page sports videos of moms and dads in different scenarios like a woman talking to cheese and meat at a supermarket. Or a dad tripping over toys in the driveway on his way to get the lunch the mom thinks she’s forgotten.

So what’s the issue? All three of the videos have been orchestrated. They are commercials. They are not social. And they are not authentic. Authenticity is what works in social, not contrived.

And I believe they are supposed to be funny. Moms would love a little humor in their lives. But sadly, these aren’t funny. Normally dad seen tripping over the toys in the driveway would be hysterical if it came out of nowhere, but in this case you can see it coming. And a woman talking on a banana? Please don’t tell me are back to weird videos just for the sake of weird videos.

So I asked a fellow blogger what she thought:

“I think they totally missed the mark. As a mom to 3 small boys yes I always want to give them good healthy food. I have 4-year old twins and a 5 year old and part of what I write/blog about is how much chaos there is. I see where they were trying to be funny and say we know life isn’t perfect but here you can have a perfect sandwich. I found the videos a bit condescending really, especially the one with the mom talking to the cheese at the market. Not funny, doesn’t make me want to buy their brand.”

Liza Corbo

So some things to think about when creating video:
1. Ask yourself “Would I share this?” We are often our own best audience judge.
2. If you’re going to try and be funny, it might be best to hire a comedian.
3. You lose half your audience in the first 20 seconds, so you need to grab them in the beginning to get them to watch. Think about the first 20 seconds of your video.
4. If you’re going for authentic, shoot it authentically. These are clearly professionally produced commercials.
5. And lastly, the tab is not appropriately named on the left rail of the page. How would anyone find this content with a title of “Sara Lee Deli.”



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