Hey, brands! Social media moms love 50 iPhone apps.

There are over 6.4 million iPhone users in the U.S. and over 50% of them are women. And women, particularly Moms, love their iPhones. For brands looking to connect with Moms, an iphone app is a must have as a part of a social media campaign.

Greystripe, the leading mobile brand advertising network, released their quarterly Mobile Advertising Insights Report, detailing behavioral characteristics of moms in their iPhone ad network. The report shows:

· 20% downloading educational apps for their kids

· Nearly 60% of iPhone moms depend on their phone to locate the nearest store

· 41.94% use the iPhone to keep track of shopping lists

· 39.43% use their iPhone to comparison shop

· 19 % download coupons

· 22.94% keep track of items on sale

· 40.14% using it as a shopping list tool

· 22.58% using it as a recipe resource at the store

· 89.25% of moms who own iPhones use their phone for entertainment

· 64% of iPhone moms use their phones for managing their calendar and schedule

So what makes an iPhone apps a Mom’s favs? By and large it’s all about utility. Help her accomplish more, keep her organized and keep her kids happy so she can get the job done. Here’s a list of 50 top iPhone apps Moms and her kids love.
1. TwitterFon –(FREE) Like having Twhirl on your phone!

2. Facebook – (FREE)  Let’s you send Status Updates, check inbox, comment on Walls and more. Best of all it tells you when you have a new comment on your wall!

3. WordPress – (FREE) You can actually write and publish blog posts from your iPhone.

4. Fring – (FREE) Let’s you IM, Skype and more from your phone.

5. Flixster – (FREE) Check local movie listings, DVD release schedules and watch movie trailers.

6. Pandora – (FREE) That’s right – Pandora is available for your iPhone. NOTE: I feel like Pandora has ESP – it seems to always pick songs I like!

7. Shazam – (FREE) Just hold your phone up to a speaker and this app can tell you the name and artist!

8. TMZ – (FREE) Stay connected to celebrity gossip with news feeds, photos and video.

9. Urban Spoon(FREE) Find local restaurants, read reviews, and more. NOTE: Hey Cincy- Urban Spoon has reviews by Wine Me, Dine Me Cincinnati too!

10. EverNote (FREE: with limited usage) Let’s you save notes via photo, text or voice recording. Great way to not forget things.

11. Scribble (FREE) —Lets kids (or parents) draw with their finger right on the screen and then shake to erase, like an etch-a-sketch. Great for little kids.

12. Bubbles (FREE) — Make and play with bubbles. Perfect for distracting toddlers.

13.Super Monkey Ball ($9.99)— Of course there are a gazillion DS style games for the iPhone, but this is my family’s favorite, kids and adults included.

14. Jott (FREE)— Record and send yourself transcribed messages via email. The ultimate mommy brain aide.

15. Flashmath ($0.99)— Quick math problems with multiple difficulty settings from Kindergarten through

16. TicTacTouch – Let’s kids play Tic Tac Toe on your phone

17. Whack’em all – (FREE) Like Whack-a-mole, this game had my boys laughing so hard they had tears in their eyes.

18. Touch4 – (FREE) Just like Connect Four.

19. Doodle Kids – (FREE) Kids drag their fingers on screen and various shapes are displayed.

20. Scribble – (FREE) Let’s kids draw on your iPhone with various colors, etc.

21. Shape Spot – (FREE) Much like the game concentration, kids have to try and get the shapes in the right spot before the timer expires.

22. Memory Puzzle Game – (FREE)  Classic game of matcher, matcher.

23. Peekaboo Barn – (FREE) Toddlers have to guess which animal is behind the barn doors.

24. Jumbalo Zoo – (FREE) Creative game that let’s kids build animals out of various animal parts.

25. Super Monkey Ball ($5.99) —Help an adorable little monkey roll his way around various courses and environments to reach the goal. Collect bananas to get extra lives.

26. Things ($9.99) — A smart organization tool that helps you manage your to-do list, notes, projects and more.

27. Food Additives ($3.99) —Find information about 450+ food additives that might be unsafe to you or your child’s health, ranked by risk factors.

28. Expecting ($4.99) — Tracks your due date and OB appointments, gives you tips, helpful facts relevant to each week of your pregnancy, plus a checklist and contraction timer for the big day.

29. Baby Names ($4.99) — Let’s you search, research and share potential baby names and then create, edit and reorder your favorites list.

30. Baby Log ($4.99) Records diaper changes, feedings, naps, and bathing and can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

31. BabyCam – ($.99) Get your baby to smile with one of the app’s fifteen prerecorded noises — bells, drums, doorbells and songs including “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” helps.

32. Nursing Tracker– ($7.99) With a tap, record when your baby was last nursed, on which side and for how long. There’s also a stopwatch function and a way to keep track of multiple babies. You can save your stats or upload them to a spreadsheet to show to your doctor at your baby’s next check up.

33. BigOven – (BigOven FREE/4 Ingredients $3.99) Over 170,000 recipes shared by 100,000 users from around the world. Shake your device and you will get a random recipe from the BigOven archive. And if all those options sound overwhelming, try 4 Ingredients and choose from over 400 recipes that consist of… just four simple ingredients.

34. aSleep Kids / WhiteNoise– (Asleep Kids $.99/Whitenoise $1.99) For naptime, the aSleep kids app comes with a timer and a selection of 15 lullabies. WhiteNoise application to hear ambient noise like an oscillating fan, an airplane or a heavy rainstorm.

35. Toddler Cards– ($.99) Toddler Cards let you flip through pictures of animals, food, shapes and colors. The app even includes multiple language translations.

36. Baby Activity Logger ($2.99) — Track the baby’s feeding, sleeping, and poop schedule, as well as special events. It can also help you keep track of events like fevers or rashes, how much medicine you administered (and when), and other important bits of information you need to keep track of. That information is not only useful for you on a daily basis, but can help you accurately report to your doctor during checkups and visits.

37. Google Mobile App (Free) — Voice search, Google 411, Calendar, Docs, gTalk, Tasks, Reader — have access to all your Google stuff from iPhone. If you’ve ever paid for 411 calls on your phone — shame on you! Google 411 is fast, free, and just as effective as regular 411. Calendar, gTalk, your RSS feeds, your eBook even voice search.

38. Save Benjis ($0.99) —This app lets you compare prices for products at online stores. You can use this at home or in the store. If you find an item you like at your local store, but want to comparison shop, just look it up on this app. You can search by UPC number, item description, ISBN, author, manufacturer, and more. This app even comes with a selection of coupons!

39. Instapaper ($4.99 or Free version) — This app is ideal for busy moms on the go who like to read blogs or online news articles. If you find an article online that you want to read, but don’t have time to sit at home, you can use Instapaper (in combination with your web browser) to send it to your iPhone.

40. GoodFoodNearYou – (FREE) Avoid the fast-food joint and replace it with the convenience of this app to help you find health-conscious dining choices.

41. Sit Or Squat – (FREE) Find the nearest bathroom fast.. Using your current location it gives you the nearest options, stats on cleanliness, changing tables and handicap-accessible bathrooms.

42. Remember the Milk – (FREE) This list-making and task-management Web site, has a complementary mobile app free to the site’s paying members to help keep things sorted when you’re shuttling between work, home, and your family’s numerous appointments and activities.

43. iTalk Recorder. (FREE) This limited free download allows you to record and store numerous sound files for later use. Files upload easily to your PC via wireless transfer, enabling you to customize your own ringtone or preserve a special memory.

44. CPR Coach – ($1.99) An interactive, real-time talking first aid software. Uses Yes/No questions to deliver step-by-step instructions for over 30 medical emergencies within 12 trauma categories. Powerful source of refresher training to improve skill retention. Or, with the simple touch of the screen, any individual can receive real-time training in first aid and basic life support procedures.

45. WebMD Mobile – (FREE) Allows for quick lookup of symptoms and helps to determine when children need to go to the doctor or the emergency room.

46. Bank of Mom($1.99) is an app that will help you keep track of your children’s virtual bank account.

47. Chore Bank – ($1.99) is similar to Bank of Mom in that you keep track of how much money your kids have earned for their allowance. You put in the chores that your children are expected to do and assign a dollar amount the chore earns upon completion.

48. MyKidInfo – ($.99) All your kid’s information when you take your children to the doctor or dentist. Or even when you are signing them up for school or sports, etc., you’ll have their social security number, allergies and blood type information right in one convenient place.

49. Take Me to My Car: (FREE) It lets you save the location of your parked car and then leads you back to it when you’re done shopping.

50. MyLite Flashlight– (FREE) While there’s nothing fancy about an iPhone application that uses the screen to emit white light, the practical uses for such an application are endless.



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