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Increasingly Isolated Moms Turn to Social Media for Sustaining Friendships Offline

I was sort of blown away but then again not surprised that the following survey results showed 40% of Moms felt they did not have a best friend. As Mom, you’re whole focus becomes your family and taking care of them which leaves little time for Mom time. I usually turn down people when it comes to going out during the week since there is dinner to be made, a dog to be walked and homework to be done and checked. And if you work, as I do, when the must dos are done, you just don’t feel like socializing. So it’s not surprising that women are making friends online. The fact that so many networks have arisen and that 42,000,000 women are engaging in social media weekly is evidence of social media’s draw.

Gather, the leading social network to make new friends and form new social circles, and Mom Central Consulting, the premier social media agency specializing in Marketing to Moms, released results of a survey conducted to understand Moms’ social habits online. Over 1,300 Gather Moms answered an in-depth questionnaire about their online and offline behaviors, as well as attitudes about networking, community connectivity, and sense of self. Mom Central Consulting’s analysis reveals that a majority of Moms (60%) feel lonely and unsupported in their day-to-day lives and have turned online – to social networking sites, community forums and chat rooms – to make new friends.

The results of the survey show that over 60% of Moms have made a new friend online in the last year connecting around shared passions, life stories, and parenting issues. The data also shows that of Moms who’ve made new online friends, over 30% have turned the connection into a lasting offline friendship. 1 in 3 Moms also report sharing things with online friends that they do not share with offline ones.

The survey revealed the following interesting statistics:

  • 40% of Moms report they do not have a “best friend” or someone with whom they can share everything
  • 4 out of 5 Moms feel that they don’t have enough friends in their lives
  • 60% of Moms say they have had feelings of loneliness in the past month and report feeling most lonely when their children are under the age of five and again when parenting teens (14-18yrs)
  • Over 60% of Moms reported making a new friend online in the past year
  • More than a third – 34% – have turned an online friendship into a lasting offline one
  • Over 50% of Moms feel they do not get enough support from their spouse
  • Less than 50% of Moms surveyed live near any family
  • Moms who’ve made friends online have connected most around their shared passions and interests (71%), personal stories (42%), and parenting issues (29%)

Key Facts:

  • Survey of Gather Moms conducted in partnership with Mom Central Consulting (MCC) in August 2009
  • Key findings based on the 1,321 Gather Moms who completed the survey
  • Mom Central Consulting fielded and captured the survey responses and identified trends through an extensive analysis of data, coupled with in-depth insights gained from deep expertise within the Mom space
  • Mom Central Consulting is the premier firm specializing in Marketing to Moms
  • Gather is the leading social network to make new friends and form new social circles

“While many people may consider online connections to be less substantial than ‘real world’ ones, our survey results prove that online friendships are very meaningful to today’s Moms,” said Lisa Hurd-Walker, Family Editor for “Many of these new online connections Moms are making have turned into lasting and meaningful offline friendships as well. This is great news for the rest of the Moms out there who are feeling lonely but have not taken any steps to make friends online.”

“Today’s Moms startlingly reveal that many lack a best friend or even a strong inner circle of friends,” shares Stacy DeBroff, national parenting expert and CEO of Mom Central Consulting. “With daily activities ranging from meetings to carpools and meal prep to eldercare, today’s Moms maintain increasingly hectic schedules. Unfortunately, this frenzied pace and lack of personal time often means a scarcity of Moms’ close friendships. As a result, we see huge opportunities for brands to facilitate Mom connectivity and in the process to build strong brand loyalty and drive to retail by Moms grateful for these connections.”


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About Gather

Gather is the leading social network to make new friends and form new social circles. Most people want more friends to share some aspect of their lives and Gather brings people together around the things they love to do and want to talk about. Gather is a privately held, privately funded company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Investors include Allen & Company, The American Public Media Group, Hearst, The McGraw-Hill Companies, and Southern California Public Radio. For more information, visit

About Mom Central

Mom Central Consulting, the premier marketing agency to Moms, works with over 200 national brands to reach, influence, and activate Moms in powerful word-of-mouth programs. The Boston-based company, founded by “parenting guru” (Wall Street Journal) Stacy DeBroff provides brands and agencies with the ability to successfully market to Moms.



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