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Moms use of Facebook continues to grow to 23 million+.

According to eMarketer, Facebook now boasts about 23 million moms and growing accounting for about 2/3 of all moms online in the U.S. Not surprising as moms gravitated to Facebook early on for the ease of sharing with family and friends. But Moms and Facebook aren’t just about family photo sharing; she’s also developing relationships with brands.

And take a look at what a study by Our365 and the DMA found.

• 72% of moms who use Facebook have liked a brand on Facebook.

• When asked why they chose to like a brand on Facebook, 71% reported that “Liking means more and better offers”. 45% responded that they identified with the brand and 41% indicated that they wanted others to know about the brand.

• Of those who have liked a brand on Facebook, 75% have liked a baby or children’s product brand.

• Among moms who are Facebook users, 30% have posted a question asking for product recommendations from friends. 37% have not posted a question looking for product recommendations but would like to, and 34% have not posted a product recommendation question and have no interest in doing so.

• 40% of moms who use Facebook indicate that they have made purchases based on recommendations they saw on Facebook.

The study also noted Moms like to buy direct. Will this mean brands will need to consider building F-commerce sites to fish where the fish are?  I think we will see more and more brands integrating commerce into Facebook.

And they found 95% of moms are seeking digital offers like product information, coupons and rewards programs. If this is true than brands will need to integrate tried and true direct response tactics into their Facebook pages and bring to life what it means to “like” a brand on Facebook.

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  2. 10/31 2011

    We realize mom’s are seeking direct response tactics from brands, but they are also seeking entertainment/educational content from them. Connecting direct response tactics to the content along with F-commerce is a great idea. At Indivly (based off the word individual) we are making a rewards program for just that concept.


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