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Opportunities for brands to reach Moms through social media

Opportunities for brands to reach Moms through social media

Use technology and develop tools she can actually use.
Does this mean go out and develop a plethora of applications online and mobile? Yes, if you create tools she can integrate into her life. If you’re successful at that you’ll have your brand’s presence with her for more than a 60 second impression. Moms are using technology on so many fronts: to reduce stress, improve family time, and with a definitive focus on simplification. A BabyCenter study found 72% of mothers are using their laptops in the kitchen and the living room so they can be with their children as they are online. See our recent post on the top 50 iphone apps. The Kraft Recipe Assistant is an example. It gives you recipes for each day of the week, the prep time and cooking time, lets you search by ingredient and create your own recipe box.

Market side-by-side with Moms, not to Moms:

There’s been plenty of conversation around incentivizing Moms to post, provide opinions and promote brands and their products and the new rules requiring disclosure of monetary and other rewards. But do we really need to give monetary rewards? Time and time again, it has been shown that if Moms feel strongly enough about something, they will band together and conquer the issue.

Develop campaigns that help Moms make friends.
One of the reasons Moms have flocked to blogs and communities online is isolation. Women with small children are at home all day and older Moms Moms with teenagers are finding themselves often alone as their teenagers find more independence. Because of the focus on raising children and all the various aspects that come with that, many have neglected relationships with their friends. And the frugal Mom has cut back on expenses causing her and her family to stay home more furthering the isolation. So what can brands do? Focus on the emotion and creating an emotional bond. But it has to be real and authentic. Create programs that initiate dialogue. Help Moms connect with other Moms like them. Think crowd-sourcing and consider Foursquare and House Parties to encourage geo-targeted gathering using social media to create offline opportunities.

Here are some interesting facts according to Mom Central:
• 55% feel their partner does not talk enough with them.
• 41% of Moms are loneliest when their child/children are 0 to 2 years, with 67% lonely during 0 to 5 years.
• 61% want to make new friends.
• Only 19% of Moms are raising their children in the community in which they were raised.
• Less than 50% live near family members.

Sure she love coupons, but that alone won’t build a relationship.
I, like so many Moms, turned to coupons and deal searching in 2009 and this is a trend that is going to continue. And we’re proud to admit we are Frugalistas. I became obsessed with looking for savings in every corner of my life. But not just about coupons. And it’s not just about sampling either. The social Mom is about value and relationships–give her reasons to buy the product even if she doesn’t have a coupon, share ideas for multiple uses, connect her with related products and get to know her and what else she is looking for. And again, tap into the emotional side of her. Saving money is not just about savings– it’s the thrill of the hunt, the excitement of being on top of your life. And the resulting savings can often mean a reward for the family when the savings can be turned into family fun.



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  3. 01/23 2010

    Holly, interesting commentary. I specifically am interested in learing how you feel about brands and or businesses engaging in the social conversation with moms. I agree with you that mom’s may not be looking for a new cupon, but more of a conversation, as you put it a friend. While there are plenty of ways that moms can see incentives and promotions, I suspect the conversation that enables the mom to understand where help is, and as you say engage her, get to know her, I I suspect the tools you mention in the opening of your post should also enable you to get to know her, understand her, and react to mom’s needs, not as you say just promote her. Great post.


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