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Please don’t address me as “Dear Blogger” or “Dear Mom”.

As a social media mom, do you like when companies use the salutation “Dear blogger” or “Dear Mom”? Hell no. I just got another email from a PR firm who I won’t name, not using my given name.

“Dear blogger” is the equivalent of “To whom it may concern.” Is that all we are to you? A blogger. Sure we write blogs, but aren’t you tapping into us because we’ve managed to create a voice in the world and a following that’s based on so much more than just being a blogger? We take the time to review, give thoughts, engage our social graphs, encourage participation, create videos, take photos and collaborate. Are we just a “blogger”?

“When I receive an email that begins with “Dear Blogger” that automatically says to me two things (1) this is a mass email being sent out to who knows how many people and (2) the company didn’t do their research and knows nothing about who I am or what I write about”

Sharon DeVellis

“I’m not a big fan – call me by my first name please! When they address you by your name, it shows they’ve taken the time to do their research.

But I try to be empathetic in some cases – it’s still another person on the other end of the email. So if something does pique my interest, I will look at the email and in some cases, I have been pleasantly surprised and found good opportunities.”

Maria Lianos-Carbone

And “Dear Mom”? The only people who call me Mom are my kids.

We are using social media to start our own businesses and so much more. We are confident women with excellent networking skills and strong relationships. Even in the midst of a roaring recession, we mere “bloggers” are actively seeking ways to monetize our blogs and generate additional income through consulting, speaking appearances, filling out surveys, attending meetings and becoming voices for brands. More and more “moms” are crowd-sourcing issues and joining forces to help teach mom to business relationship-building skills. Even between having multiple children, managing a home and running a business, we are moving at light speed.

And the PR firms and companies looking to leverage us on behalf of brands need to know it’s all about relationships. And relationships start with knowing my name.



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