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Top Ten Reasons Brands Should Target Muslim Social Media Moms

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Holly for allowing me to guest post here today. I feel she shares some of the most thorough and current research on how brands can benefit from collaborating with and seeking critical input from Social Media Moms; while adding thoughtful commentary in the process. I am honored to share my experiences for my niche within a niche–the Muslim Social Media Mom Market.

Top Ten Reasons Why Brands Can Benefit From Working with a Muslim Social Media Mom

  1. 1. Untapped Global $2.3 trillion market and $170-$200 billion American Muslim Market. (Huffington Post, New York Times, NZTE)
  1. 2. Fast Growing Market. (TIME)
  1. 3. Young and Well-Connected Online and Offline. (MarketingWeek, BrandWeek, MediaBristro) For Muslims, online content is more trustworthy and flexible. (Entrepreneur)
  2. 4. The Wealthiest and Most Educated Muslim Minority Community in the World. (Elan)
  1. 5. The Opportunities Far Outweigh Possible Fears. (Atlanta Post, MSNBC)
  1. 6. Big Brands and Emerging Work at Home Business Owner Cross All Sectors, such as the Beauty Industry (MSNBC), Finance, Food & Packaged Goods (CNBC), Fashion (ABCNews), Pharmaceutical, and much more.
  1. 7. Extremely Loyal Who Heavily Utilizes Word Of Mouth Marketing. (Associated Press)
  1. 8. While Seemingly a Unique Market, Halal (Permissible) Products and Services are Safer, Healthier, Cleaner,Eco-Friendly, and Not Just Muslim-Specific. Halal Foods According to Sharia Law = a Typical Whole Food Shopper. For halal certification, one offers 100% natural, anti-biotic free, 100% veggie-fed, and organic products slaughtered in the most humane means possible in the name of Allah (which is “God” in Arabic.) To break up all the serious research-based tone of this post, I must add Colbert’s take on this topic for a good chuckle.
  1. 9. Expressive in Sharing Their Views. (Forbes)
  1. 10. Unknown & Not Highlighted: Muslim Moms Spend Their Family’s Wealth and Their Own.
    While moms are savvy consumers with influential buying power for their families, Muslim Moms have even more. How? Muslim women have the privilege of earning their own money, the right to own their own property, enter into legal contracts, manage and spend their own assets in any way they choose. More specifically, no one person can claim any of a Muslim woman’s wealth (money, property, belongings, inheritance, or investments), not even her husband as prescribed in the Qur’an

In Islam, a Muslim husband and/or father is held responsible for providing and held accountable for his ability to care for his wife and family with faith, finances, room, board, comfortable living, etc. However, the Muslim wife and/or mom, must be strong in faith, care for her husband, family, their household and wealth.

Shall a Muslim women or mom be able to balance her family and homemaking responsibilities, and acquires personal wealth (i.e., valued jewelry as gifts, inherited land, or maintains a profitable business)–her spending power has doubled.

Of course, many Muslim women and moms elect to assist their families when they need to, but it is not her responsibility or obligation. If a Muslim wife must contribute financially out of necessity, in many cases the pious and grateful husband repays his wife in full.

This is why I feel passionate about brands not just targeting the Muslim Consumer Market in America, but the Social Media Muslim Mom who is a Consumer in America and beyond.

Bonus Reason #11

Having blogged since 2004, I believe the greatest benefits to targeting Muslim Social Media Mom Bloggers are they are

11. Adaptive and Creative, Passionate and Extremely Confident, and Willing to Apply New Lessons Learned.

  • Living in a non-Muslim country, we adapt and create new ways to educate and raise our children to be pious and strong in faith.
  • We have a passion to please Allah (God) first. In doing so, our strong morals, ethics, and actions speak louder than the words against us. [Please comment to this statement only if you personally know a Muslim. Tip: Many Muslims in America conceal their religious affiliations; so your close friend or colleague may even be one. Don’t know? Just ask.]
  • One would have to be confident to maintain our modest dress despite what the mainstream media portrays us to be. [For me, it’s not confidence–it’s just faith.]
  • In Islam, we are obliged to gain ‘alm (knowledge) each and every day. Learning about our faith, how we practice it, or in life in general (such as how to homeschool, our pursuit of higher education, business ownership, etc.) and…
  • Once we learn something new, we must apply our new-found knowledge to gain the greatest benefit in this life, for the goal of reaching the hereafter.

I welcome your comments, questions and concerns, and look forward to responding to them. Please continue the dialogue in the comments section below.

Ponn Sabra, MPH, a highly-prolific public health official, turned best-selling author, internet marketer & columnist, now focuses all her time and energy to being a Muslim wife and mom. Featured in the Associated Press, Washington Post, Fox, ABC News and other major media outlets, Ponn blogs with her three young daughters about their world-traveling, green, homeschool tips, tools, contests and more at Tweet her, become a Facebook Fan, or download her FREE ebook, “Balancing Life as a Muslim Mom” at today!



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  2. 02/8 2011

    Great post on going after niche markets. Too many brands try to “boil the ocean” and neglect the fact that they may be leaner and much more profitable by taking on this approach.

  3. 02/10 2011

    Alhamdulillah – This is one of the best marketing post I’ve came across – Having studied Consumer Sciences, I can envision, this data if taken seriously will have a strong impact on the worldview of Muslims, given the economic vote we have as consumers – many implications from this post – one is we can then leverage on a swing in the Media’s portrayal on Muslims to the world market – It’s time for a shift in media perspective of Muslims to a fair & authentic one ( minus the political tainted ones ), if they want to gain our Consumer Dollar Vote in their brands :)) Interesting twist – Well done for this thorough research Sis ~this Will certainly want to take this further Thank you for sharing this 🙂

    ~ Suria Mohamed

  4. hazelinda
    02/10 2011

    Salam sister,

    I love it! As always it is quite difficult at times to find halal products in the Western world. This would definitely benefit us in the long run. Thumbs up for you!! 8-D

    Jazakallah Khairon,

  5. Susan
    02/13 2011

    What other Muslim mom blogs are there in the US?

  6. 03/29 2011

    A belated thanks for hosting me as a guest blogger Holly–but, my original comment never cached. But, I’m so happy to see wonderful comments above me!

    @Ranjun. I totally agree. Thanks for the vote in niche marketing.

    @Samia Jazaka Allahu Khayrun for your extremely kind support and assessment of my research and proposal. I completely agree with you.

    @Hazelinda. Wa-alaykum asalam. I plan on leveraging this research as much as possible, and hope others will as well, inshaAllah T’ala.

    @Susan. Yes, there are but very few and even more niched, some a foodies or green Muslim blogs. But, I’m growing the network via my Muslim Media Moms Network. So, if you’re interested in reaching out to them, feel free to contact me at anytime.


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