Social Marketing to Moms: Women and Wikipedia Don’t Mix

  • Considering the amount of content and the vast amount of women bloggers on the internet, many were surprised that the latest study from Wikimedia Foundation found only 13% of Wikipedia contributors are women. I’m not so surprised. Posting to Wikipedia is a totally different animal versus expressing yourself on a blog. One is supposed to be fact based and should be researched and stand the test of time, while blogging is a sharing of opinion and personal experience.

    According to the The Wall Street Journal, the survey took place in November of last year, with results being presented last week at a conference in Buenos Aires. A total of 53,888 respondents indicated that they were Wikipedia contributors, but only 6,814 of them were women.

    The research also showed that women are less likely to read articles as well, with 31% of women and 69% of men reading entries, but not writing or editing them.

    Some other interesting findings point to why respondents contribute to Wikipedia, and their educational background:

  • – 69% of respondents were motivated to contribute to Wikipedia to fix an error

    – Nearly 73% contribute because they “like the idea of sharing knowledge”

    – 19% of Wikipedia contributors hold Masters degrees



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