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Twitter Tunes, LinkedIn News and the rest of This Week in Social Media


Why spend hours scouring the web when all the info you need is right below? Here’s everything important from this week in everything social. Did I miss anything? Send me an email:

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How are you Feeling? New Facebook Status Incorporates Emotions & Activities

 Game of Thrones

I still remember the prehistoric days when every Facebook status update had to follow the word “is.” Needless to say, functionality has come a long way since then. At some point down the line, Facebook decided that status updates could be more than just a strictly present depiction of what you were doing or how you were feeling. A quote for instance, or image, or video or maybe just something you felt like telling the world at that particular second with no relativity to time. But with Facebook’s newest addition to the status update function, the question is why not both?

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Welcome Home Facebook


Yesterday, Facebook announced the long awaited Facebook Home experience. As always with any social media announcement, our team was all ears, streaming the event on every computer in sight, live tweeting from every Twitter handle and providing some entertaining and insightful commentary. So, we thought we would share what we’ve learned so far:

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Instagram Ads, Facebook Home and the rest of This Week in Social Media


Another week gone by and another round of social news. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all made big splashes this week with new products, new functionality and some interesting strategic changes. Here’s the full rundown on this week in social media. Did we miss anything? Send me an email at

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Klout Scores, Facebook Politics and the rest of This Week in Social Media


The past week brought a fresh batch of channel developments. Under any other context, this would be considered a busy week, but in our realm, this is as boring as it gets, which is not boring at all as far as we’re concerned. As if there is ever a dull moment in social media! Did we miss anything? Let us know. E-mail:

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How Veronica Mars changed the relationship fans have with Hollywood

Veronica Mars

When Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell’s people reached out to Big Fuel to help with the Veronica Mars Kickstarter project, none of us could have anticipated the consumer response. Sure, we were excited and optimistic to work with the writer (Rob) and star (Kristen) of the once-popular show, but keep in mind that no film had ever raised even one million dollars through Kickstarter, and we were aiming for two. Also remember that while the show had long garnered interest in life on the big…

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Facebook Enables Replies to Comments

Facebook replies

After months of testing, Facebook announced today they will allow users and brand pages to reply directly to comments within the thread on a post. This provides a better user experience, with less spam in long threads, by allowing users to directly engage with the thoughts that interest them. With this change, conversation threads will be re-ordered by relevance to viewers, and may appear differently to each person based on positive and negative feedback as well as an individual’s…

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Veronica Mars, Facebook Hashtags and the rest of This Week in Social Media


With something so amorphous and ever evolving like social media, you would be hard-pressed to go back to any week within the last five years and not find some revolutionary development, yet somehow this past one felt extra special. Here are our top five favorite things that happened in social media this past week, and if we missed anything, drop us a line in the comments!

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Pinterest Introduces Web Analytics for Brands


This week, Pinterest released very exciting news: the launch of web analytics for brands and bloggers, allowing them to track popular content. The best part, the tool is free and available immediately.

What it tracks:

Number of people that have pinned content from their website
Number of people who have visited their website from Pinterest
Number of Pinterest impressions their content has generated
Highlights of their most recent pins captured from your website

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Top 3 Takeaways from Facebook’s News Feed Announcement


Here at Big Fuel, there’s nothing that generates quite as much excitement as a new Facebook announcement. So, at 1PM EST, we gathered with anticipation to learn more about the platform we love. And because we knew you may not have been able to tune in, we took a few notes.

1.) You Choose What You See

Facebook wants your experience to be the best it can be and admitted it was a driving factor in the new design. This means, you will now be able to customize your News Feed to…

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Missed Opportunities: Poland Spring & The State of the Union


True to the millennial that I am, my favorite hobby in recent years has been live-tweeting big live telecast events. That said, I would like to touch on how brands are or should be tuning into these events, no matter how seemingly irrelevant, to identify new marketing opportunities using the “second screen.” On Tuesday night, in true Twitter monkey fashion, I joined the Twitter hordes, providing some of the most entertaining and insightful commentary—perhaps even more…

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